Wayne Tucker

Founder & CEO, Bio S.I. Technology

Mr. Tucker is a featured speaker, educator, and industry representative at trade events as well as state and national agricultural events. He possesses broad technical knowledge of sustainable agriculture, micro-organisms, enzymes, fungi, soil structure, and plant metabolism and was a Certified Crop Adviser until forming Bio S.I. Technology, LLC.  

Under Wayne’s leadership, Bio S.I. Technology has developed and expanded its line of soil inoculant products. Each product returns naturally beneficial soil borne microbes (bacteria) to plants, animals, and environments where they have been depleted. Since serving in the U.S. Navy during Vietnam, and attending the University of Houston with a focus in Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals, Mr. Tucker has conducted extensive research and worked with many notable industry experts including James H. King, Jr., BS, MA; Gerard O’Donovan, Professor and Former Chairman, Dept. of Biological Sciences, University of North Texas; Michael J. Reber, Park Services Manager, Town of Flower Mound, Texas; Dr. Terry Peek and Dr. Joseph Buti both of Texas A & I University Kingsville (now a part of Texas A&M); Dr. Benny Bruton of the USDA Research Facility and Esper K. Chandler; Noel Garcia of Texas Plant & Soil Laboratory; and Malcolm Beck, author of many organic and sustainable agriculture essays and papers.