Sebastian Carducci

Leveraging a rich cross-cultural background, Sebastian Carducci has developed a solid expertise in international development as an executive, consultant and serial entrepreneur.

He managed distributors and subsidiaries for Airstar, an innovative French multinational, negotiated international distributions for clients in Mexico, developed successful sales strategies for diverse companies, designed investment strategies for a private banking firm, and reengineered operations of the largest youth hostel in Latin America. One of his favorite early experiences was becoming -by serendipity- part of a team that produced an award-winning series about the Mexican Caribbean aired on Discovery Networks.

As an entrepreneur Sebastian has been involved in distinct business ventures, including a hotel, an events and lighting company, and most recently participated as the Executive Vice-President and Founding Member of the Giordano Bruno University, a global online university to bring quality education and an empowering mindset to the less privileged.

Sebastian co-founded the Nexus Mexico chapter in 2012, where he seeks to leverage the relationships established between education, impact investing and social enterprise to foster a more sustainable and humane world.

Today he builds on his experiences to mentor entrepreneurs within a broad range of industries. He constantly studies creative and disruptive ideas seeking to apply them towards new ventures. He passionately explores the minds of entrepreneurs to understand self-imposed limitations and strives to find the tools to empower people in developing their individual contributions in the light of an expanded and compassionate consciousness. He is regularly invited to speak about entrepreneurship, philanthropy and social business.

Most recently, he was appointed Managing Director for Mexico of the Toniic Institute, to grow the network in Mexico and Latin America.

Sebastian has a BA in Languages and International Business from the University of Savoie and a Master’s Degree in International Business from the Grenoble Graduate School of Business, where he actively participated as VP of the Alumni Association, helping create the foundations of a global network for trans-cultural alumni cooperation. He lives in Mexico City.