Scott Leonard

Co-Founder & CEO, Indigenous Designs

Scott Leonard is an ardent advocate about the positive power of business for the benefit of people and the planet. He has been a pioneer in the areas of fair trade, organics, environmental practice and the sustainability movement. He has worked for over twenty years in bringing together organizations around the world and helping to create numerous collaborative initiatives. His passion and dedication have firmly established him as a leader in the global organic and fair trade movement. Scott is CEO and Co-founder of Indigenous Designs Corporation, a leading premium organic apparel brand and producer of hand-crafted fair trade clothing. Scott oversees organizational / financial planning for the company but is also responsible for directing the Indigenous Brand identity. Scott specializes in sourcing organic and fair trade production. Founded in 1994, Indigenous Designs develops and markets premium quality organic apparel to high-end fashion retailers primarily in North America, Europe, and Japan. Indigenous apparel is designed in-house and produced to specification by artisan cooperatives located mainly in South America, Guatemala and India. Since 1994, Indigenous has created top quality fashion with minimal environmental impact, while enriching communities throughout the developing world. Indigenous has supported organic agriculture, renewable resources, community capital, and eco manufacturing at all levels of its supply chain.  From design inception to the hands of mindful shoppers, Indigenous follows practices that treat people with dignity and the planet with respect without compromising quality or style. In 2009, the company was selected by Apparel Magazine as a “Top Innovator,” in the fashion industry. The company has received the national Socially Responsible Business award from Co-op America. Scott and Indigenous Designs continue to be heavily involved in promoting sustainability in collaboration with the Organic Exchange, the OTA (Organic Trade Association), SVN,  BALLE (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies), and B-Corporations. Scott continues to lead Indigenous as a company immersed in sustainability as well as fair trade fashion.