Roque Sevilla

ROQUE SEVILLA (67) of Quito, Ecuador is a businessman and the CEO of Grupo Futuro, an insurance, tourism and health services holding company.

He is a founder, former board member and chairman of Fundación Natura, Ecuador´s leading

conservation organization. Sevilla was the leader in designing and implementing debt-for nature-swap arrangements. He engineered a $10 million debt-for-nature program, working with Ecuador´s Central Bank and uniting the financial and conservation communities to support the county´s wildlife and wildlands.

He was Director of Forest Service in charge of Ecuador´s National Parks. Mr Sevilla has served on the board of the World Wildlife Fund US, WWF International and the Charles Darwin Foundation for the Galápagos Islands. He was the promoter of Ecuador´s largest cloud forest reserve: Mashpi-Guaycuyacu-Saguangal Reserve.

He served as mayor of Quito and was city council member. He was member Ecuador´s International Debt Negotiation Commission and chairman of the Yasuní-ITT Presidential Commission.

He is an economist and received a master´s degree in Public Administration from the John F Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.