Roldofo Cabrera

“Human beings, we are all haunted by FEAR and pregnant with DREAMS” Therefore, our challenge, is not that we don't have DREAMS. We are born with them and we will certainly die with them inside of us, unfulfilled, if we allow our FEAR to kill them before they are born. The real challenge, lies in realizing, that we are the unconscious murderers of our own DREAMS and FEAR is the poison, FEAR is the venom, FEAR is the weapon we use to do the job. Rodolfo Cabrera is an Exorcist and a Midwife. His life purpose is freeing people from FEAR so that their DREAMS can be born. He is fascinated by the natural principles that govern our lives. He proposes a simple but powerful formula for using our FEAR to produce COURAGE. His work is an in-depth exploration into his idea that FEAR cannot be eliminated, it is not a choice, nobody chooses to have FEAR, if we didn´t have FEAR, we wouldn´t be human.
It is the raw material of COURAGE, just as cacao beans are of chocolate and barley is of beer.  FEAR is not good nor bad, it is just energy. We can use it to build or to destroy, to produce panic and fuel wars, or to produce COURAGE and fuel our DREAMS. In his speech, “The Antidote for Fear”, Rodolfo Cabrera explores how to use our obstacles as the raw material of our dreams. He has discovered hidden patterns in how some people and organizations reach their dreams easily and efficiently, while others are efficient in effortlessly achieving disappointments. His premise is supported by an intriguing mathematical equation for accomplishing our personal, professional and organizational goals. In his book “The Antidote for Fear" coming out later this year, he proposes a radical rethink in how we face FEAR, how we pursue our goals and our approach to crisis management. An entrepreneur by training, Rodolfo Cabrera advises and coaches individuals, organizations and leaders in every field on how to exorcise the fears that sabotage the birth of their personal and business goals.