What People Are Saying

“In 20 years I can´t remember a conference as good as Kiwa, honestly an amazing event.”  - Investor, USA

"At no other investor conference have I also been so strongly reminded of the purpose of my market offering, literally moments before pitching it. Surreal is an understatement." - CEO & Design Director, VOZ

"I can verify that the event was a success and gathered interesting companies. I am following up with 7 companies for a potential investment."  -  Investor

"Our team made fantastic contacts, learned a great deal, and enjoyed our time very much. We would wholeheartedly encourage anyone in the Latin America social entrepreneurship space to attend!" - Noushin Ketabi & Will DeLuca, Vega Coffee

"The quality of the people and the depth of the relationships formed was truly amazing. I hope I can come back to Ecuador to the next Kiwa! I am looking forward to it!" - Sebastian Carducci, Managing Director, Mexico, Toniic

"It was stunning how polished it was, and the main events and conference were nearly flawless."  - Jeff Grogg, Managing Director, JPG Resources

"Amazing Summit and academy seriously really really good.”  - Andy Lower, Adap Capital, USA

"Seeing the companies that were trying to grow their business by building "families" around their production efforts and helping the small communities thrive...I truly enjoyed the experience." - Jerry Knotts, CBIS, USA

"In addition to a roster of remarkable speakers that included Tom Chi CEO, Factory X and formerly Google X; Luis Benitez, a world renowned mountaineer & executive leadership development expert, and Abigail Noble, Head of Impact Investing for the World Economic Forum, the KIWA summit hosted 20 dynamic, innovative high growth presenting companies, 10 exhibiting startups, and an incredible roster of leading investors from around the world." - Christie & Co Communications

"The organizers of the Kiwa Investment Summit have been successful producing and managing the Clean Business Investment Summit and the LOHAS Forum. Results from both have produced 575 new projects and ventures introduced with investors through their events, features companies that incorporate combinations of new technologies and innovative business development, and integrated dynamic panels and speeches by experts focused on creating synergies between entrepreneurs and investors." - www.independent.com

“Es muy motivante hablar con inversionistas que están interesados en el trabajo social que está detrás de nuestros sombreros. Hay buenas posibilidades de acceder a fondos no reembolsables y a una red de contactos, estamos muy motivados”, señalan los voceros de Metier Crafts, que llega con sus productos a EE.UU. Europa y Australia. -  www.revistalideres.ec

http://blog.movingworlds.org/6-impact-investing-lessons-from-the-2015-kiwa-summit/ - MovingWorlds.org