Mark Chasan

CEO of AWE Global, Inc.

Mark Chasan is a whole-systems integrator and futurist with deep experience in business, finance, technology, law, operations, business development, media, wellness and healing arts.

Mark is currently the CEO of AWE Global, Inc. (“AWE”) and Transformative, Inc. (“Transformative”).  AWE’s mission is to create an abundant, well & enlightened world by fostering social and economic change through regenerative community development, corporate social responsibility, organizational transformation, optimal wellness, and ongoing innovation.  Transformative helps socially & ecologically conscious entrepreneurs and businesses get the resources (e.g., capital, human, technological, market and property) needed to succeed.

Mark has a track record as 1) an Internet entrepreneur & innovator with a public exit (Founder & CEO of Emusic); 2) a Fortune 25 executive (Leader of IBM’s Digital Media Consulting Practice); 3) a lawyer (Special Counsel to Hobson, Bernardino + Davis); and 4) a merchant banker, strategic consultant & finance advisor who has participated in over $300 million of financial transactions.