John P. DeGrazio

YExplore Global Adventures

With his roots in finance on Wall Street, John integrates his experiences as an equities trader, head trainer, and senior risk analyst into his role as a founding partner in the adVenturesAcademy. His career path led him in a new direction of entrepreneurship in Yosemite National Park with the establishment of YExplore in 2006. John has spent the last decade cultivating his professional career as a naturalist, motivator, coach, and wilderness guide while sharing stories of Yosemite with visitors from across the globe. Along the way, he has helped author new narratives while assisting others as they accomplished their goals.

It is his belief that life’s greatest discoveries are made in nature, and success is achieved with every outdoor adventure that helps people break away from mundane routines of ordinary living. These unique experiences lead to a process of self-discovery that empowers them to take control of their own lives. John also relishes his role as a steward in Yosemite and enjoys teaching principles of minimum impact recreation while accessing the world’s most pristine places. YExplore has continued to expand while developing a sustainable tourism model with global offerings including Everest Base Camp, Kilimanjaro, and beyond.