Jeff Grogg

Founder, JPG Resources

Jeff founded JPG Resources to build food and beverage companies.  JPG Resources now has three areas of practice, with focus areas of Strategy and Sales, Product Development, and Supply Chain.  The JPG Resources team is headed by a collection of senior leaders who are results focused business people, with depth developed at leading companies and an entrepreneurial spirit that connects with companies at all stages of growth. Before launching JPG Resources in 2009, Jeff provided product and business leadership at Kashi as the company grew from $25million to $750million in sales over 9 years.  Since then, JPGR has launched over 70 successful products, and continues to work with companies of all sizes to build strong and innovative businesses.  These experiences have given him direct insight into rapidly moving functional food concepts from blue sky to market shelf, as well as into the creation of brands and products that capture the hearts of consumers, retailers, and investors.   He has founded companies in sports, real estate, manufacturing, sales, and consulting, and sits on various company boards.  More information on Jeff and JPG Resources is available on the website at