Curtis Park

CFO, California Coast Venture Forum

For more than 30 years, Curtis Park has served the business community as a CPA and management consultant. Currently, he serves as Chief Financial Officer of the California Coast Venture Forum, in addition to his other professional activities.

The core of his career has been to provide professional services for emerging companies, most often when these companies are actively seeking growth capital. At one time or another, Curtis has provided professional services to a wide variety of business types. While, almost always serving companies ranging from startup, to expansion rounds of financing, and investor exits, or other liquidity events. The types of investors he has worked with include individuals, angel groups, venture capital partnerships, and private equity firms.

As volunteer CFO of the California Coast Venture Forum, Curtis has continued to provide those same management consulting services.

Curtis and his family have resided in Ventura County, California for the past 25 years.