The adVentures Academy will host the programming at Tambopaxi to showcase the beauty of iconic Cotopaxi and provide the ideal setting for innovative Investor/Entrepreneur Training and Engagement. We will highlight the mountain huts and their revitalization through the innovative public/private ecotourism initiative, integrating this into the programming focused on deepening the relationship between investors and entrepreneurs.

Key elements of the training include: • Navigating Growth: Orienteering Course • Integrates key lessons for business growth strategies within the context of orienteering and navigation highlighting business growth experts and renowned mountaineers • Systems2Success • The Ecosystem Approach to Team Building • The Art of the Pivot: The Role of Adaptability in Entrepreneurial Success • Developing situational adversity that reflects challenges faced in scaling an enterprise to allow entrepreneurs and investors to work together to problem solve and create success together.

COST: $300 for the two day program and an additional $500 to be a part of the summit team. 

Fees include the program fee itself, shared accommodation at Tambopaxi, and meals. The summit team fees include summit guide, park fees, hut fee and supplies. 

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